Where kids learn Spanish through Music

 in a loving, energetic and personalised atmosphere.


Original Music

Happy classroom routines, like helping clean up, following steps, or understanding the simple rules of a musical game, will help to enhance your child’s growing comprehension in all spheres of their life.


Running, jumping, and dancing, name just a few of the gross motor skills your child will practice at Rock'n'Lolo. During this 45 minute super-energetic experience, your child can expect to run and climb through a jungle expedition, or fly around the world in an airplane powered by the strength of his/her own arms!

 The classes are 45 minutes long full of singing and dancing, 

while learning Spanish, and most importantly, having fun!

For toddlers, learning to use their voice starts with imitating sounds  and experimenting with as many sounds as they can produce. 

We will also work through repetitions, and melodies to make this easier and funnier.

These classes are intended for babies ( 11 months) & toddlers up to 4 years old, and each lesson is designed to provide kids with a rich set of activities and  material to help keep the kids engaged in the process.

As your child is inspired and motivated through singing and dancing, my program will also be helping to build your child's confidence, self-control, and early Spanish language skills through repetitions and engaging original melodies.

My class will offer opportunities for classmates to work together through predictable routines, and special rituals to practice sharing, taking turns, respecting one another's space, and helping each other.

In this computer age where technology can really put a strain on our span of attention, it is of great value for kids to spend time witnessing their own parents/caregivers paying close attention to, and/or following a teacher's instructions.

Toddlers are delighted with music! I'll be sure to share with them my passion for it with all my love and energy for this musical experience combined with the joy and excitement your child will naturally bring to my class we will surely create a fun and beautiful journey together.

My lyrics were composed specially to encourage kids to make relations between concepts and words, and to connect ideas in Spanish/english. Kids can do this so easily. They are so smart!  Their capacity to learn and create is infinite. They are ready to capture it all. So why not take advance of it?  You can give them the best quality and fun education. 

I created simple but cool melodies that are easy to remember, With lyrics that are not only familiar with everyday objects and events to them, but also, teaching them good manners. Things that eventually they will use in their future to connect with people all around the world. So its not only about colors, numbers, animals, night time, etc. it's also about "Gracias", Por favor", "ayuda", "Lo siento", "Te quiero".

Music and singing naturally leads to movement. So Rock'n'Lolo encourages kids and parents alike to get up and move!

New Fall schedule and registration will be update super soon. 

- Organize your private group schedule in advance, and reserve your favorite day/time.

- To learn how to create your private group, just keep reading down below.



You need to make reservation in advance through Venmo for

 Mini summer session reservations. Just contact Lolo 


Summer MINI sessions.



6 classes session x $150/ DROP IN $30 


Exactly dates of classes: 

July: 12th, 26th  (not class on the 19th)

August: 2th, 9th,16th, & 22th.


sold out

Exclusive private RockNLolo's groups

Host a RockNLolo group at your home

is so easy!! you Just need:

- Minimum: 8 Kids (btw 11months-4 years old) Max 10.

- (Committed same day/time each class)

- Minimum agreement: 12 classes paid in advance.

- Fee per child: $300 x 12 consecutive classes.

To keep in mind: New FALL groups will be starting in FIRST WEEK in September.

There is a big demand for private groups so my suggestion is: 

Organize yours, with enough time, so you can choose and reserve your convenient day/time. 

  Please contact Lolo.

Limited Vacancies 

Register Now*

*Cancellation Policies: RockNLolo reserves the right to cancel classes with insufficient enrollment (less than 7 kids per group) in that case, notifications to parents will be made 2 business days prior to the start of the class. Full refunds or credits will be given when RockNLolo cancels a class due to low enrollment.

Fee per child 

x 12 consecutive classes PACK


Transaction Fee included

Siblings Fee 

x 12 consecutive classes PACK


Transaction Fee included

You will be ask to complete a simple form and choose your convenient group( day/time)  right after payment


If you would like RockNLolo 

to entertain in your kid's party, 

I ll recommend 

  you to 

reserved your date in advance!

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